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Chairman | Scott Attenborough SSgt USMC

Scott is a veteran of nine years in the United States Marine Corps. As a Training SNCO, Operations Chief, Drill Instructor, and Water Survival Instructor he distinguished himself with four meritorious promotions. Scott left the Marine Corps as a Staff Sergeant in 1989.

After leaving the Corps he worked with LexisNexis, a division of Reed Elsevier PLC, as an online product, content, and marketing expert. As the owner and consultant at Content Capital LLC since 2009, he has consulted extensively on marketing, research, and product development projects for government and civilian organizations. He is a member of the Special Libraries Association and the Association of Independent Information Professionals.

Scott has a BS in Aviation Management from Southern Illinois University, an MS in Applied Economics and an MBA in Marketing from Wright State University.

Vice Chairman | Dwight “Wookie” Settle – BMC (SEAL) Ret.

Dwight joined the Navy in 1978 and graduated BUD/S in 1979 earning the coveted Trident of the US Navy SEALS. During 20+ years of service he served multiple deployments and instructor roles with UDT-12, SEAL Team 1, the Navy Parachute Team, CSAR & SERE School Instructor, NSWC Advanced Training and Military Freefall. Since 2011 Dwight has been the Managing Director of SEAL 1 Inc. A company who provides CLP Plus, a revolutionary “Green Engineered” product that cleans, lubricates, and protects firearms.

Dwight notes: “As someone who has been on the forefront of this nations conflicts and as someone who has seen firsthand the cause and effect of PTS on our special operators I want to do what I can to convince today’s veterans that going it alone if not an option. We are all part of a brotherhood and there will never be an “I” in “Team” when it comes to dealing with PTS.”

Board Member | SgtMaj. Jim Booker USMC Ret.

Jim enlisted in the Marine Corps in January 1983 as a Basic Infantryman and retired as Senior Enlisted Leader, International Security Assistance Force and the United States Forces-Afghanistan in December 2014. In support of operations, Southern Watch, Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Desert Stay. Iraq deployments in infantry units include OIF 1, 2, 9-1 and 9-2. Afghanistan, OEF July 2013 – Dec 2014.

Sgt. Maj. Booker is a graduate of the Marine Scout Sniper, Amphibious Reconnaissance and the Assault Breachers Courses. He is a graduate of the US Navy Dive School, US Army Airborne, Static line Jump Master, Military Free Fall, Free Fall Jump Master and Pathfinder courses. He is also a Graduate of the National Defense University Keystone Course.

Jim has 44 months of combat experience during his career with personal awards that include the Silver Star, Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit (w/star), Bronze Star (with V) and Combat Action Ribbon (w/star)

Jim notes: “We spent a lot of time teaching them how to kick down doors and destroy on contact. Now it is time to teach them how to open doors and walk through them with a better understanding of the possibilities that civilian life has to offer. If they agree to open the door, it is our responsibility to walk through it with them.”

Board Member | Jay Kopelman LtCol, USMC (Ret.)

Jay began his military career in the US Navy in 1985, training to become a Naval Aviator. He then transferred to the Marine Corps in 1992 where he continued to fly before becoming a forward air controller and earning his gold naval parachutist wings.

Jay served for 21 years in a variety of roles with both conventional and special operations forces. In 2004 as the Special Operations Forces Liaison Officer for I MEF he deployed to Iraq to train the Iraqi Special Forces (SSF). In October he was assigned as the liaison officer to an Iraqi Army battalion as they entered the city of Fallujah in November to battle insurgents for control of the city. Subsequently, Kopelman served as the I MEF liaison officer to a joint special operations task force and as a liaison officer to the Iraqi border forces – The Desert Wolves – at the Syrian and Jordanian borders. His last assignment was as the Deputy Director for advisor training at Camp Pendleton.

“The government does a superb job training, equipping, and deploying warriors for combat. What it fails to do, however, is train and equip them for their return and ultimately their integration to civilian life. Veterans 360 and Carry the Challenge reaches out to young warriors struggling with life after deployment so that they don’t ‘fall through cracks’ in the system. One warrior suffering from PTS, substance abuse, homelessness, unemployment and suicidal ideation is one too many. We’ve got to reach out and tell these young warriors that it’s okay to ask for help, to show them through our experiences that they are not alone and deliver on our sacred commitments to them.”

Board Member | Michael J. Hower, LtCol USMC (ret.)

Mike served over 23 years in the USMC, retired in 2009 and is now employed by the Federal Government at Camp Pendleton and teaches/mentors Marines and Marine units on operations and critical thinking skills. During his active duty career, Mike served in many fire support roles as well as working at the Pentagon at Headquarters Marine Corps as well as on the OSD staff. Mike’s career included two tours to Iraq during which he performed organizational-level fire support roles in support of the second battle for Fallujah and then the months-long struggle for Ramadi. While in Iraq, he also worked closely with elements of the Government of Iraq for matters related to rebuilding the functioning of the government.

Since retiring, and aside from his job with the Marine Corps, Mike has been involved in working with charities focused on service personnel and their physical and mental needs. He has worked with charities as a fund raiser, as an advisor for outreach efforts and as a liaison to other “like minded” individuals and entities.

Board Member | Heidi Hulst Powers LMFT

Heidi is a LMFT with twenty years of experience working with children, adolescents, adults and veterans. She is currently engaged at Tri-City Medical Center in their Behavioral Health Outpatient facility.

Previously, she treated folks struggling with chemical dependency and then adults and children impacted by trauma originating from both inside and outside of the family. Over time she developed a strong interest in treating traumatic stress using evidence-based treatments and methodologies. “With trauma comes struggles with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, isolation, grief, shame and anger” all of which Heidi has expertise in treating.

Since marrying into the Marine Corps family she has gained a true respect for military culture. Heidi has attended numerous Combat Stress Conferences and has a passion for understanding the challenges facing military members transitioning to civilian life.

“Healing and positive growth often happens ‘after’ adversity. I am committed to providing practical steps to those we serve as part of the Veterans 360 team.”

Board Member | Jeff Powers Colonel USMC (Ret)

Colonel Powers was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps following graduation from Villanova University. Since he assumed duties as Platoon Commander in January 1978 he has served in the Fleet Marine Force and supporting establishments from Platoon Commander on up to Director, Naval Expeditionary Warfare (N5), EWTGPAC Coronado CA.

Jeff attended the Infantry Officer’s Advance Course at Ft Benning Ga., the Defense Language School (Dutch) and in 1991 he was assigned to the U.S. Army JFK SWCS at Ft Bragg, NC and attended the Special Forces Detachment Officers Course earning the Green Beret.

He deployed to Saudi Arabia in August 1990 as Task Force Commander and Task Force Operations Officer in support of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

In August 1994, he attended the Marine Corps Command and Staff College and was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel after which he was assigned as Officer in Charge, Special Operations Training Group (SOTG), I MEF Camp Pendleton CA.

In March 2000, he was promoted to Colonel after which he attended the Naval War College, Newport RI, and in July 2001, he served as the Director, Naval Expeditionary Warfare (N5), EWTGPAC Coronado CA.

Jeff retired in June, 2003 and is now president of Powers Built, a SDVOBE.

Colonel Powers’ Personal decorations include the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star with Combat V, Meritorious Service Medal w/2 Stars, Combat Action Ribbon.

Jeff is married and has two daughters, Amanda and Brittany.

Board Member | Ben Bucholtz LTC USAR

Ben Buchholz is currently the Executive Officer of the 11th MP Brigade (US Army Reserves). Previously he served as Army Attaché and Chief of Attaché Operations at the U.S. Embassy in Sana’a, Yemen, during the Houthi overthrow of the Yemeni government. Ben is a fluent Arabic speaker and author of the books ONE HUNDRED AND ONE NIGHTS (Little, Brown: 2011) and PRIVATE SOLDIERS (Wisconsin Historical Society Press: 2007), which both focus on the Iraq war — one from the perspective of an Iraqi trying to restart his life in the town of Safwan, the other documenting a Wisconsin National Guard Battalion’s mission in the same town during the bloody years of 2005 and 2006. Ben’s is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Nthos Solutions, a company providing hyper-local information and influence in tough-to-reach places.

Ben believes that the experience of going to war makes young soldiers different, often in very positive ways, and that efforts like those of Vets360 to help struggling Veterans readjust are critical not only to the individuals but also to the strength of our country.

Board Member | John Edward Marshall – 1SG, USA

I’m the grandson, nephew and son of retired U.S. Army Soldiers and I followed in their footsteps. I joined the U.S Army Reserves in 1991 where I served for a little over a year and decided to go Active Duty in 1993 and have served with distinction for over 24 years now.

A Senior Human Resources Manager by trade, I’m currently a First Sergeant. I deployed to Iraq in 2003-2004, Afghanistan 2006-2007, and served as a Logistics Advisor to an Iraqi Logistics unit 2008-2009.

“I want to be a part of Veterans 360 and their Carry the Challenge initiative because one person can make all the difference. I believe in what Carry the Challenge stands for “Veterans helping Veterans”. Making a connection with a Soldier in transition may save them from being jobless, homeless, suffering with PTS(D) or Suicidal Ideation.”
“There are programs for Soldiers, but there are too many stipulations for receiving help. Carry the Challenge does not have them, every Post 9/11 combat veteran who comes forward will receive the help they need, have earned and deserve.”

Patron | Jim Symonds Rear Admiral USN (Ret)

Rear Admiral Jim Symonds was a Naval Aviator and ship’s captain. He commanded Attack Squadron ONE SIX FIVE at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, flying the A-6 Intruder; USS NASHVILLE (LPD 13), an amphibious ship; and USS RONALD REAGAN (CVN 76), one of our nuclear aircraft carriers. His last assignment was as Commander, Navy Region Northwest, in Silverdale, Washington. Upon retirement from the Navy in 2010, he and his wife, Anne, moved to Arizona. Rear Admiral Symonds feels a commitment to our young combat Veterans is necessary and worthy. He has been on the Board of Veterans 360 for 18 months, and is currently on the board of one other veterans assistance group, Operation American Patriot, in Arizona. Operation American Patriot is a strategic partner with Veterans 360 in meeting the challenge of assisting our returning combat Veterans transition to normal lives in the civilian world.

Rear Admiral Symonds retired from the Navy on 1 September 2010, and with his wife, Anne, resides in Chandler, Arizona.

Patron | Lieutenant General John F. Mulholland, Jr. USA (Ret)

Recently retired from the United States Army from the Central Intelligence Agency where, as the senior military officer, he served as the Associate Director for Military Affairs. LTG (Ret) Mulholland previously served as Deputy Commander of the United States Special Operations Command, and previously as the Commanding General, United States Army Special Operations Command. He retired after a distinguished career in the US Army’s Special Forces Regiment. Notably, he commanded the First Special Operations task force into Afghanistan following the attacks of 9 – 11, as well as a special operations task force in the opening phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom earning him an appointment as Deputy Commanding General of the Joint Special Operations Command and later as Commanding General, US Army Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg.

“Throughout the history of organized warfare one of its most fundamental, organic and enduring truths is the need, the absolute obligation, of warriors to be able to trust those on their left and right. All depends on it and that obligation does not end when one leaves the field of battle. Another enduring reality is the availability of critical support on the home front. Our men and women ask, “Will that support be there? Will the system stand by those of us who willingly went forward in their name?”

Veterans 360 and Carry the Challenge engages warriors on our left and right and answers, with a resounding “Yes!” that the home front will stand true and honor our commitments to them.”

“Join us”.

Executive Director | Rick Collins

Rick is a ‘Brit’ Veteran with 9 years of active duty who came to the US in the 80’s (yes he is that old) to play rugby, seek fame and fortune. One out of three isn’t bad.

Rick has always been very active in supporting veterans both here and in the UK. In early 2011 two friends took their own lives. Both were under the age of 26, both were combat Marines and both had been civilians for less than a year. The Die was cast.

Since then Rick has worked diligently to educate himself about the challenges that our young combat veterans face — from reintegration into civilian life issues, to education and employment concerns, and the damning lack of support for those struggling with PTS/Combat Trauma.

Vets 360 and Carry The Challenge is the culmination of that education.

“One of the biggest challenges we have is to ask/tell/beg todays combat veterans to accept support before cure options are needed or required.”

When today’s veterans leave a world where the stigma of PTS is so damning to career, family and friends, it is only natural that the “go it alone” attitude will stay with them. If seasoned warriors can be open and honest about their own struggles with PTS and transition to civilian life then maybe, just maybe, today’s veterans will realize that asking for support is a sign of strength not an inability to cope.

We are truly honored to have such an amazing group of Patron’s, Board Members, Advisors, Ambassadors and Volunteers.

Thank you.


PS Rick is an admirer of Winston Churchill, Forest Gump and Al Bundy. If nothing warns or educates you about his personality and sense of humor then nothing will.

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