About Us

Since early 2011 Carry the Challenge have helped hundreds of young veterans who struggle with transition and PTS/TBI challenges. During that time, we have been fine tuning how we do that and how we can best guide our young combat veterans. Veterans who are, without a doubt, our most at risk, underserved and vulnerable of all veteran groups.

Many (not all) come straight from high school and many are pigeon holed straight into an infantry type role. Many joined the military because they needed to get out of the environment that they were bought up in and many answered the call after 9/11. No matter their reasons for joining a key factor for them was that we promised we would take care of them after their military service.

We have failed on so many levels.

We have not prepared them for civilian life and all the entails. We have not educated them prior to separation about careers, fiscal responsibility, interacting within the civilian work place or class room and how to be resilient in civilian life which is a whole lot different from the military. Most important of all we have not educated them about the reality that civilian life while not combat or the military is no less challenging.

As Capt. Dale Dye once said to me “we don’t tell them that combat is easy why the “F” do we tell them that civilian life is?”

While we could fill page after page on the problems we prefer to focus on our proven solution.

  • Engage them earlier so we can educate them.
  • Educate them so they are better prepared.
  • Stay connected to them so we can guide them along.
  • And finally, don’t judge them for struggling.

While we have helped hundreds of veterans in this manner in 2017 we are focused on laying a solid foundation so we can help guide thousands as we move forward. We don’t need to raise millions to sustain thousands we just need to raise thousands to educate tens of thousands on how to sustain themselves.

This nation has NO shortage of good people and good organizations who want to help them be successful. Our niche is that we focus on step one and connect them to that support with some focused education of our own.

Please learn about what we do and how we do it. Look at our team. Ask Questions. Then determine how you can help. Whether referring a 100%’er to us or by placing a coin into a young veteran’s hand it all flows together into a process of proactive education not crisis reaction.

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