How it works…

For today’s young veterans, transition to civilian life should be a positive, exciting, albeit challenging, process. With 40,000+ veteran centric non-profits across the US there is no shortage of support options for them should they need it. The challenge is that they struggle to navigate the “sea of goodwill”. By accepting the challenge you have an opportunity to help them chart a course to a brighter future. Struggling alone should be the furthest thing from their minds. By conducting just ONE simple POSITIVE act you can encourage them to open the door to transition support options.

Your challenge steps.

1: Seek out a Post 9/11 Veteran
2: Offer to do something positive for them—you define the act
3: When completed present them the CTC-ONE challenge coin
4: Encourage them to reach out if they need transition or PTS/TBI support
5: Use the cards to challenge friends, peers, family to accept the challenge
6: Wear your pin to increase awareness about the program
7: Record a short video “I accepted the challenge to positively impact a young veterans life and I challenge ________________ to do the same
8: Share that video to the CTC Face Book page
9: Keep your coin to remind you that your simple act may just have set them on the road to a positive future

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